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The Cigna Group values our suppliers and provides superior procurement services.

Suppliers as Partners

The Cigna Group℠ Sourcing and Supplier Management manages the purchasing, sourcing, and contracting activities for goods and services on behalf of The Cigna Group. The mission is to provide best-in-class procurement services based on these Guiding Principles:

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We abide by the highest standards of ethical business practices and conduct all business in a manner that ensures fairness to our shareholders, our customers, our community, and our suppliers. Any unfair conduct should be reported at 1 (800) 472-8348 or

Customer and Market Focus

We understand the trends and market opportunities that affect our business and utilize this understanding to develop and implement strategies that effectively deliver value to our stakeholders.

Team Collaboration

We promote an environment that fosters collaborative behavior and values diversity among all key stakeholders, resulting in trust, respect, mutual commitment, and boundaryless thinking.

Enterprise Thinking

We develop sourcing strategies that harness our cross-enterprise expertise in order to effectively utilize our knowledge base. We strategically leverage our collective strengths, expertise, and best practices in order to optimize the value delivered to individual businesses, both domestically and internationally.

Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier diversity enhances our corporate relationships and contributes to our ability to better understand and serve our broad spectrum of customers.
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Your Company Profile

Information provided by your company on the supplier registration form will be treated in a confidential manner and will be subject to reasonable safeguards against improper disclosure.

Completing a supplier registration form does not guarantee that your company will receive a request to bid or a contract from The Cigna Group Sourcing and Supplier Management, nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship with The Cigna Group Sourcing and Supplier Management, either now or in the future. Your company information will be transferred into our Supplier database. This database is used by our strategic sourcing specialists to locate potential companies that are capable of providing products or services to meet our business needs.

We will keep your company's profile in our database for a maximum of two years. It is to your advantage to resubmit an updated profile every 12 months or anytime your company's capabilities and product and/or service offerings change. Our supplier database is used by all of our sourcing specialists; therefore, your company's information will be made available for consideration on all sourcing activities.

Current Suppliers: Update Your Profile

If you currently provide product(s) or service(s) to The Cigna Group, please provide any updates through your current contact within The Cigna Group Sourcing and Supplier Management.

If you do not have a contact within The Cigna Group Sourcing and Supplier Management (i.e. have been working directly with someone within a line of business), please complete the registration form and specify with whom you have been working at The Cigna Group. Your information will be entered in our supplier database and routed to the appropriate manager for handling.

Evaluation Criteria

Including, but not limited to:

The Cigna Group seeks suppliers who support our strategic goals and objectives while continually looking for ways to manage our costs. The Cigna Group Sourcing and Supplier Management evaluates suppliers with regard to best value with a particular emphasis on quality, total cost, delivery, innovation and management expertise to meet ours requirements. Suppliers are evaluated on their ability to meet the following criteria:

Supplier Competence

Compliance to specifications

  • Meets specification requirements
  • Meets standards

Customer service

  • Policy and practice
  • Surveys customers
  • Systems to measure customer satisfaction
  • Backup and advice

Quality system for deliverables

  • Certification
  • Documented system


  • Staffing structure
  • Availability of experienced staff
  • Experience in the industry
  • State of technology

Past performance

  • Experience in the industry
  • Previous experience
  • Customer recommendation


  • Location
  • Networking


  • Leading technology
  • Creativity

Supplier analysis

Financial viability

  • Satisfies key financial ratios for the industry
  • Full financial disclosure from supplier will be required.

Risk and insurance

  • Adequate insurance
  • Allocate and acceptance of risk

Legal review

Compliance to The Cigna Group contract terms

  • Complies to the terms and conditions

Conflict of interest

  • Existing or potential, or perceived

Legal proceedings

  • Legal proceedings related to contractual issues - past or present


Total cost of ownership/best value

  • Bid price
  • Ability to propose an innovative financial approach (gain-sharing, etc.)
  • Freight
  • Warranty
  • Price breaks and quantity discounts
  • Satisfies best value analysis
  • Maintenance costs

Financial review

  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Foreign exchange
  • Payment terms
  • Business justification
  • Insurance
  • Net present value analysis
  • Payment methods (i.e. EDI, etc.)

Policy Guidelines

The Cigna Group has established a Code of Ethics and Compliance to prevent and detect illegal, improper and unethical conduct by the Corporation and its subsidiaries. The Code of Ethics and Compliance applies to directors, officers, employees, and agents of The Cigna Group and its subsidiaries throughout the world.

Products and Services Purchased

Including, but not limited to:

Advertising and Promotions

  • Advertising agency
  • Commercial print
  • Copy services
  • Design
  • Event, celebrity, sponsorship
  • ID cards
  • Lettershop/mailing
  • Magazine, newspaper placement
  • Market research
  • Media production
  • Prepress services
  • Press room supplies
  • Promotional items
  • Public relations
  • Specialty print

Computer Hardware and Software

  • Computer cabling
  • Computer dealers
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer maintenance
  • Computer rental/leasing
  • Computer services
  • Computer software
  • Computer training
  • Disaster recovery

Shared Services and Equipment

  • Accounting/sales equipment
  • Audio/visual
  • Copiers
  • Fax machines
  • Forms/templates
  • General supplies
  • Mail services
  • Office equipment
  • Paper
  • Records storage

Professional Services

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Billing service
  • Business/management consulting
  • Business services
  • Claims processing
  • Collection services
  • Conference planning
  • Contractors
  • Financial consulting
  • Financial services
  • HR related consulting
  • IT related consulting
  • Laboratories
  • Legal services
  • Mailroom services
  • Medical consulting
  • Recruiting
  • Relocation
  • Research
  • Security and investigations
  • Temporary labor
  • Training programs and services
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Utilization management


  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Cabling
  • Cellular
  • Equipment
  • Paging
  • Voice/data


  • Agencies, trips, and tours
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Transportation services

Third Party Management Program

The Third Party Management Program applies to those suppliers or entities performing specific services on behalf of The Cigna Group. The goal of the Third Party Management Program is to ensure that our customers, members, and/or providers receive a comparable level of service, as though received from The Cigna Group directly.

If an entity or supplier's services fall under one of the following categories this higher level of supplier management will apply.


  • Delegated healthcare provider arrangements (e.g., claim, utilization management, credentialing, provider/member appeals)
  • National or regional specialty provider arrangements (e.g., home health care, radiology, lab)
  • Third-party administrator arrangements, shared administration arrangements
  • Outsourced business processes or functions.

Does Not Include

  • Traditional direct contracts with physicians, non-physician providers, ancillary providers, retail pharmacies or facilities
  • Legal-related services
  • Financial audit services
  • Broker/producer relationships
  • Persons or entities retained by the The Cigna Group Board of Directors or any of its committees
  • Outsourced functions that do not affect key stakeholders (e.g., food service, security guards)

Management Standards

At a minimum, third parties within the management of this program should expect:

  • Execution of confidentiality agreement
  • On-site visit and due diligence activities prior to contracting
  • Risk assessment activities
  • Contract negotiation with involvement of The Cigna Group Sourcing and Legal professionals
  • Creation, implementation, and monitoring of performance metrics
  • Minimum annual review of relationship

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