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Committees of the Board

The Board’s Committees include Audit, Compliance, Corporate Governance, Executive, Finance, and People Resources Committees.

There are currently five working Committees of the Board, plus the Executive Committee Board. The roles of each of the Committees are defined by By-laws of The Cigna GroupSM and by Committee charters adopted by the Board.

The five working committees: Audit, Corporate Governance, Compliance, Finance, and People Resources, consist of directors who meet the New York Stock Exchange's standards for independence. In addition, Audit Committee members meet the Securities and Exchange Commission's standards for independence.

The Executive Committee is advisory in nature and is not considered a working Committee. It meets as circumstances warrant, and all directors are notified in advance and invited to participate in all Executive Committee meetings.

In addition, the Board has, at various times, created ad hoc committees to focus on particular issues.

The current Cigna Board Committees and members of The Cigna Group as of July 2022 include:

Executive Committee
David M. Cordani, Chairperson
Eric Foss
Elder Granger
Kathleen Mazzarella
Kimberly A. Ross
Eric C. Wiseman
Donna F. Zarcone

Audit Committee
Kimberly A. Ross, Chairperson
William DeLaney
Neesha Hathi
Donna Zarcone

Corporate Governance Committee
Donna F. Zarcone, Chairperson
William DeLaney
Elder Granger
Mark McClellan

Compliance Committee
Elder Granger, Chairperson
George Kurian
Mark McClellan
Philip Ozuah

Finance Committee
Eric Foss, Chairperson
Neesha Hathi
Kathleen M. Mazzarella
Kimberly A. Ross

People Resources Committee
Kathleen M. Mazzarella, Chairperson
Eric Foss
George Kurian
Philip Ozuah

For further information on the Board Committees of The Cigna Group, download our committee charters:

Audit Committee Charter [PDF]

Compliance Committee Charter [PDF]

Corporate Governance Committee Charter [PDF]

Executive Committee Charter [PDF]

Finance Committee Charter [PDF]

People Resources Committee Charter [PDF]

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