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We prioritize environmental sustainability for healthier lives on a global scale.

Environmental health directly impacts human health and well-being. We act as a responsible environmental steward and make strategic investments to reduce our footprint. Our environmental targets inform our path to long-term decarbonization of operations, procurement of renewable energy, reduced water consumption at high-risk and high-priority sites, and reduced waste and increased landfill diversion rates.

The Cigna GroupSM is committed to sharing progress towards achieving our emissions reduction goals. Please refer to our annual ESG Report to find relevant information pertaining to GHG emissions. This includes information documenting how our “carbon neutral” goal was determined to be accurate; how interim progress toward our goal is being measured; and disclosure of independent third-party verification of greenhouse gas emissions.1

What We're Doing

Climate Change and Emissions

We are committed to maintaining carbon-neutral operations after we achieve our initial goal set for 2040. Our strategy is focused on improving efficiency, sourcing renewables, and purchasing Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) to address remaining direct emissions.

Sustainable Operations

To further support our operational sustainability targets and reduce our environmental impact, we prioritize efficiency in our buildings, responsible water management, and proper waste reduction.

Environmental Policy Statement

As a company whose mission is to improve the health and vitality of those we serve, we take a precautionary approach to our environmental sustainability efforts.

Our Commitment to a Healthy Environment: Three Ways The Cigna Group Is Helping to Build a Sustainable Future

People’s health and the health of our environment are inextricably linked. That’s why environmental sustainability is deeply connected to the company's mission to improve the health and vitality of those we serve.
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Where We're Going

We believe that responsible environmental stewardship can improve health and vitality—and makes sound business sense. We are currently conducting an analysis of our Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating a timeline to set emission reduction targets that are validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). These steps will help us better understand a broader picture of our environmental impact and give us a frame of reference to create more impactful emission reduction goals.

We're on track to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030. We've also been named a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth consecutive year and ranked in the top 1% for business sustainability by EcoVadis.

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  • 1 The Voluntary Carbon Markets Disclosure Act, Part 10 of Division 26 of the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 44475.1 and 44475.2 (the "VCMDA") was recently enacted, with an effective date of January 1, 2024. The VCMDA contains many ambiguities, and no interpretive guidance has issued, making it difficult to confirm the timing, definitions, certain protocols, and other important details of application. In fact, there is ambiguity over the date initial disclosures must be posted. Our assessment of the law based on California regulatory counsel’s evaluation and the November 30, 2023 letter of legislative intent by Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel (stating initial disclosures are due by January 1, 2025) is that complete, compliant disclosure is not due on January 1, 2024. Accordingly, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, although such information reflects our good faith effort to provide information complying with the requirements in the VCMDA, nothing herein shall be construed as an admission that The Cigna Group is subject to the requirements of the VCMDA. Furthermore, The Cigna Group intends to monitor developments to assess the impact of any new and/or amended protocol, methodology, guidance, legislation, regulation, enforcement memorandum, and/or applicable law in connection with the VCMDA and reserves the right to modify the information included herein.

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